Monitek MTS

The transmitter model Messenger is required to use this sensor. The system has been designed for continuous operation with long life time. The side scatterprinciple shows a very high sensitivity against small particle sizes (< 0.3 lm) in the liquid. A ratio measurement of direct- / scatter light assure highly reliable and repeatable measurement results. Inaccuracies caused by product colour, lamp ageing or window coating will be compensated. Calibration can be done in multiple ranges and measurement units like EBC, ppm, mg/l, etc.. The sensors can be installed into almost any type of pipe. Process connection, pressure, temperature, gasket material, etc will be application specific. Optional cleaning jets will allow a cleaning of the sapphire windows in determined intervals. 

  • Filtration control
  • Product quality
  • Water/Waste water

Operational areas
  • Chemical industry
  • Petrochemical industry
  • Power plants
  • Brew & Beverage

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